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How It All Began

The PHP Agency Story

It wasn’t that long ago when we made a decision to help start PHP Agency in October 2009. The risks of the unknown, the excitement of the “what if’s”, the anticipation of what’s to come and the shot of making history were just a few of the things that drove us to begin the journey of starting a company. Knowing we were part of a tight knit group risk takers and being led by a friend, business coach, and visionary, Patrick Bet David, we knew great things were ahead of us.

Today Marlene and I are proud to say that we are co-founders of PHP Agency, Inc, the fastest growing financial marketing company in the U.S, licensed in 49 states with nearly 15,000 agents. Our team, TGA, The Great Awakening (aka “The 50% team of PHP”) is proudly represented with offices throughout the U.S…CA, AZ, NV, FL, TX, GA, OH, UT, WA just to name a few.

Big risks always follow with great rewards. Today we are the biggest equity shareholders of PHP Agency, Inc a privately-owned company that has plans of being a multi-billion dollar company. My wife and I were committed to having each other’s back as we were building the company. There is something special that happens when two people are fully committed to one another and are surrounded with likeminded people who have the same goal in mind. Together, we attract other strong couples to work alongside each other and build something they can be proud of as a “power couple”. Not as divided couples- something that corporate America usually produces.

If you are reading this today in 2024, I want you to know that we talked about these days ten years ago: the EXPLOSION phase of the business! There has never been a better time than today to get into business with our company and the #1 team: TGA. The foundation has been set, the vision is clear, the leadership team is established, our headquarters team is constantly growing to support our national expansion, our technology continues to innovate, our culture is contagious and our compensation plan is the best in the industry.

Take the leap of faith and chase your dreams. The time is now.

We are looking forward to meeting you, building a relationship with you, and helping you reach your goals and dreams.

Jose Gaytan

Entrepreneur • Mentor • Speaker • Agency Builder

My parents immigrated here from Mexico and soon they separated and I was raised by my mother, Fidelia. One of the most  positive people you will ever meet is my mom. I know I got my optimism and work ethic from her. I’ll never forget going with her to see her do home presentations and seeing her work her magic as she presented her company, Shaklee vitamins, and getting clients at these visits. I remember her speaking at conventions and being rewarded company trips and new cars every year. The entrepreneur gene was definitely passed on to me. At the age of 25, all I knew is that she made it happen without any excuses. She raised four kids while running her own business. There is no way she would have had the freedom to do what she had to do working for someone else.

Entrepreneurship is what freed her to care for her children and now the same vehicle is the one I use to give it all back to her, to retire her and send her all over the world on our company trips. Whether it’s Europe, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Cancun and world cruises.

Our country’s motto is: the land of opportunity. It never said this is “the land of all jobs.” Opportunities still do exist. Sadly, today so many people are looking for jobs that don’t exist and jobs that won’t get them to their goals and dreams. So why not stop doing what hasn’t worked for millions of people and try something else? Why not try the free enterprise system.

The free-enterprise system along with having a mentor and the right associations is what has freed me today. Imagine a former bill collector and college drop out with no experience in the financial industry is now financially independent. My wife and I are now in a position to train and mentor thousands of people across the country and give them the same opportunity that we were given.

Today, we are proud leaders of the fastest growing financial marketing company in the U.S, PHP Agency, Inc, and our team TGA The Great Awakening represents 50% of the company. We are looking for the underdog who wants to be somebody, who wants to be the hero for their family, and wants to leave a legacy and has a burning desire to win BIG in life.

If that’s YOU we look forward to meeting you and building a relationship with you! Send me a message and start your journey today.



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